What Happens Before Dental Implant Surgery

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A thorough evaluation is required before any due consideration can be given to dental implant surgery. Before dental implant surgery charlotte procedures are given the proverbial green light, a comprehensive dental exam would usually be influenced by not just dental X-rays but state of the art 3D imaging. The presiding dentist or orthodontist does need to have models made of the patient’s teeth and jaw.

A thorough review of the patient’s previous medical history is also required. It is over to the patient to be as forthright as possible in this regard. He does so in his own best interests. Should the patient be taking medication for underlying conditions, the dentist does need to know about this. In the event that a patient is dealing with underlying heart conditions, the medical practitioner may wish to prescribe the use of antibiotics prior to surgery.

The motivation for this imperative is to help prevent infection. Should the go ahead be given for dental implants, a treatment plan still needs to be formulated. This is a plan that will take into account a number of factors. For instance, the condition of the jawbone needs to be known. How many teeth need to be replaced as well as how many teeth remain are common denominators. Now, there is likely to be pain during surgery.

But in any event, anesthetic options will be given its due consideration. These are usually general, local or sedation. The dentist will help the patient decide which form of anesthesia may be the most comfortable. Prior to surgery, the patient needs to be briefed on his or her eating and drinking habits. This will be influenced by the type of anesthesia selected. Finally, lots of rest is prescribed for after surgery recovery.